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Michael Bailey stands at the helm of the Michael Bailey Agency, a testament to his passion, expertise, and commitment in the insurance industry. Renowned for crafting tailored insurance solutions, Michael's approach is rooted in integrity, professionalism, and empathy. He treats clients with respect and honesty, guiding them through the complex insurance landscape with exceptional service and knowledge. His dedication to client education and personalized attention sets him and his agency apart as trusted advisors in the field.

Agency Owner 

Michael Bailey 

Meet Mike, the proud owner of our agency, who is licensed in property, casualty, life, and health insurance. With a passion for helping others, Mike is dedicated to finding personalized insurance solutions that fit your unique needs. As a native of Nelson County and a resident of Waynesboro for the past 15 years, Mike is deeply rooted in the local community. He is a devoted father to Charlotte and Matthew and husband to Lindsey, a music teacher in Augusta County.

Mike's commitment to the community extends beyond his work in the insurance industry. In 2013, he founded Action for All, a non-profit organization that empowers underprivileged children to participate in action sports. He also serves on several boards and committees, using his expertise to make a positive impact in the community. Additionally, Mike is the head coach of the Wintergreen Freeride Team, inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential.

When he's not helping clients or giving back to the community, Mike enjoys spending quality time with his family. As an avid snowboarder, he loves hitting the slopes with his kids or having a quiet night in with his wife.

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